Mayhem's Magic Dust
Mayhem in action!

Mayhem's Magic Dust for BlackBerry® smartphones

You control a cute baby dinosaur called Mayhem and play through seven progressively difficult levels. The aim of each level is to find and destroy the big boss before the time runs out. To boost Mayhem's powers you collect bags of magic dust that are released from anything that's killed and are also found in certain places on your journey through Spottyland.

Why is it special?

Mayhem's Magic Dust has high quality, imaginative, vibrant graphics and detailed level design. Its simple controls mean fun game play while still providing a challenge. In addition, there is a chain attack system to encourage the player to improve their skills and better their scores. The game has a "Resume Saved" function to allow play sessions on a level by level basis - ideal for the trip to school or work.

Why is it different?

Mayhem is an original idea - there is little in the marketplace that compares. There is no player shooting, blood or gore and when hit by a monster the player can even recover lost health after it pops out and bounces around for a short time.


The graphic style and game play should appeal to any age group or gender, standing out from the many clones of typical arcade games. Mayhem has been designed to work well with future handsets as well as current ones and should offer a memorable experience for the player.

Thanks to Pulse Interactive for the text above.

Mayhem's Magic Dust

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